Alizetics is a gymnastics that helps women to achieve a pretty shape and to be healthier, at the same time. Its aim is to regain the natural form of the female body. The exercises will not require much from the lungs, circulation and your joints. This is why there is no age limit, everybody is welcome. 

Alizetics consists of seven programmes which are built upon one another. With the seven programmes the female body can be completely and proportionately formed. In the programmes there are tonic, tensile and ripper exercises and the amount of the particular forms of tasks is, basically, equal. The seven programmes takes seven mounths. The result will be visible by training an hour tree times a week. Fat is burnt and muscle replaces it. 

The seven programmes of Alizetics
1. beginner
2. novice
3. intermediate I
4. intermediate II
5. advanced I 
6. advanced II
7. keeping the results you gained
Each programme is 12x1 hour, 84 occasions altogether (84 hours).

The results:
after 12 hours: tight body, the way one feels changes
after 24 hours: a change in shape
after 48 hours: nicer shape, moves in harmony
after 60 hours: measureable amount of fat loss and the amount of muscle increases
after 72 hours: total control of appetite, you become energetic, regain your own shape, 
tight body, no back pain, wonderful feeling
after 84 hours: easy movement, beautiful holding, rebuilt shape, stillness in soul, 
body and soul are balanced.

Unbeliveable promises? Give it a try!

What is the difference between regular exercises and Alizetics? Most sports forces only a particular group of your muscles to work. These muscles will be stronger but oftentimes this makes the body ill-proportioned. What is more, difficult trainings overburden the muscles, bones, joints and even your circulation and lungs. This kind of gymnastics, on the other hand, keeps the whole skeletal muscles busy. The particular forms of exercises in Alizetics are chosen in order not to demand much from the system but it provides muscle growth and lower body fat, at the same time. 

As a result, your strenght will grow, your condition will be better and body shape will be proportioned. The end result is a yielding and pretty body. In the programmes of Alizetics the special kind of exercises will make your tiny muscles move, as well, and these are the particular muscles that are not significant, in other people's opinion. However, these play a big role in your set-up and also in building your body shape, too. The programmes of Alizetics are efficient only if the exercises are carried out in the determined order. You will have to obey to time and to the established number of tasks, as well. By doing so you will get acquaited with your muscles and you will be able to pay attention to make them work properly. This way while working out our willpower grows, our concentration period will be wider.

With Alizetics I would like to represent beauty and harmony and help you to establish your own sport activity.  

Dr. Forcené Szepesi Alíz, 
Alízetics founder,