Alizetics is the most popular body improving programme nowadays. Its efficiency is proved by the following arguments: 

-It uniformly develops the muscles of the body
-It is useful for both beginners and advanced people at every age. 
-In the programme many forms of exercise are present from simple tasks to even difficult practices, at the same time, gradation is an important aspect. 
-The exercises in the programme are professional and precisely carried out and they are built upon each other. 
-It is a remarkable conditioninig programme, its other value is that in favour of task efficiency it points out possible mistakes, but at the same time it gives you the chance to correct your moves. 

The Alizetics programme works every muscle from the top of your body, starting out from the head all the way through the trunk and the back until your legs. It provides an opportunity to work your superficial and deep muscles from head to toe. The constant change in streching and tightening exercises is very beneficial for your heart and vascular system. Muscles that belong to different groups are exercised intermittently and this is also useful for your moving system, what is more, it helps you to burn fat. With regular activity the amount of muscle in your system will be higher which also leads to advancement as far as your active volume is concerned. The bigger your active volume is, the less fat you will have. Alizetics gymnastic helps people who are on a diet to regain a proportionate body shape. 

Only by reducing the amount of your daily calorie intake you are unlikely to be successful in losing weight. We have to create an opportunity to move your stored fat and this is where Alizetics helps you. You should do it every day but at least three times a week. Of course, we have to be co-operative with individual differences in condition. This programme also points out the importance of warming up because without that it is not possible to do intensive and efficient training. 

Effects of Alizetics:

The circulation increases, metabolism will be faster, streaming of oxygen and energy in the muscles are faster. The flexibility of your muscles and taenias are better, your joints will be more moveable and there will be a noticable improvement in your condition. In order to prevent cramps we strech muscles. This provides easier mobility and the possibility of muscle strain decreases. Alizetics pays special attention to breathing exercises with the aim of balancing breathing and moving. Breathing exercises makes muscles recover easier and faster. This programme which is composed both for beginners and for advanced, consists of exercises that are carefully and professionally worked out. 

Alizetics is recommended for:

-people who are healthy and care about their body and nice shape. What this programme provides you is shaping your body.  It helps you burn fat and it prevents woofs from ageing. This way ageing processes are thrown back and of course this prevents wrinkles, as well. 

-for people who would like to lose weight and are willing to maintain a healthy diet, at the same time. 

-for the ones who suffer from locomotor disorder and also would like to prevent varicose vein. 

-for mentally unstable characters who would like to sharpen their ability to focus on particular things, gain self-confidence and this way become more balanced. It promotes recovery after work and because of this it contributes to create a well-being both in body and soul.

-finally, for the ones who simply have a desire for a better body. 

This programme requires patience, steadiness and willpower. However, if someone does it progressively and regularly then it is easy to end up having a fit system that can be maintained with further regular work and with a healthy diet. It is important to emphasise that it only can be reached by exercising regularly.

The trainers of Alizetics are qualified and educated by the leader Dr. Forcené Szepesi Alíz. 

I wish we meet!
Dr. Dankó Zsuzsa